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About The NWCC National

Since 1994, the NWCC has held an annual National Whippet Specialty Show, in various locations across Canada.


The 2012 Whippet National Specialty

This summer, our specialty will be held in Caledonia, Ontario on Saturday, June 2nd, in conjunction with the Erie Shores Kennel Club. Seven sets of championship points will be awarded as the Great Lakes Whippet Club Specialty Show and Gazehound Ontario's Specialty Show are the also being held.


Regular Classes will be judged by Bo Bengtson of Bohem Whippets, California.

Sweepstakes will be judged by Dee Laurie-Beaumont, Ontario. Ms Laurie-Beaumont is the daughter of Audrey Benbow of Sirhan Borzoi and Whippets, now carrying on the Sirhan Kennel Name.


National Field Trial

A Whippet-only Field Trial will be held on Sunday, June 3rd, in the late afternoon. Location: The Osfolk Farm (approximately 15 minutes from the show site).

Field Trial Judges are Larry Gahan, Cambridge, Ontario, and Barb Smith, Milton, Ontario

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There will be a Silent auction on Saturday at ring side, with 1/2 the proceeds going to Whippet Rescue. Please contact Auctions - HJ Dansereau to contribute.



Come and celebrate at our Specialty Dinner, to be held after judging on Saturday evening, at Victor's Cornerstone Restaurant, which is within walking distance from of the show site. All Whippet exhibitors, breeders, owners, handlers and fanciers are invited to this "Pay as you Go" dinner, where our judges (from both Friday & Saturday) will mingle and share thoughts of their judging experience. This promises to be a very enlightening and congenial gathering, with delicious food at good prices (Menu to follow) NWCC will be providing an "Experienced Dog & Car Minder" for those people who wish to leave their dogs/cars at the show site during the dinner.

Advanced reservations (to ensure seating for all) requested by May 15th Reservations - HJ Dansereau .


Health Testing - Due to circumstances beyond our control Health Testing has been cancelled

Full-Colour Doppler Ultrasound Cardio Clinic may be offered for ALL BREEDS if there is sufficient interest (by way of advance reservation and payment). Cost: $250.00. (NWCC members: $225.00). Price includes OFA submission. Please contact Lorraine Burch (Tel: 905-659-4499; NWCC Health Testing - Lorraine Burch for details and reservations. Reservations/Payment must be received NO LATER THAN May 1st, 2012 (will be refunded if clinic is cancelled due to insufficient interest).




Catalogue Ads: Ad rates for the catalogue are $20 for a full page ad or $15 for a half page ad. Ads can be sent to Sandra Gahan prior to entry closing deadline.

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